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'Wow! Your method makes so much sense - trying it for the first time was a "light bulb" moment - thank you!'

Jenna Phillips, actress, USA

Keith Ducklin - acting coach

Keith's classes, workshops and personal tutorials offer a unique approach to script analysis and performance, including elements from the teachings of several of Hollywood's foremost acting coaches, including Margie Haber and Lesly Kahn.

Keith says: 'When I was auditioning for drama school, I assumed the bulk of the the class time would be spent analyzing and rehearsing scripts. Once accepted, I was astonished to find how little attention was paid to these vital components and how much on being drilled in the accepted conventions of "how to act" as laid down by the tutors' favourite drama-gogues.

'How little any of this prepared me for the reality of going out and getting work! I soon found myself wondering, "why did no one ever teach me the basics of how to break down sides at short notice, make appropriate choices, and go for the kill? After all, aren't these the most important skills we actors need in order to book the job?" That's why I developed my own special brand of fast, effective script analysis and acting coaching, based in part on the superb teaching techniques I encountered in Los Angeles. Now I want to pass its benefits on to you.

'Whether you're auditioning for drama school, just starting out in the business, or a seasoned pro, I believe that my tutoring can immeasurably improve your chances of success.

'Come and take an introductory class - I promise, you won't be disappointed.'

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